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Message From Donna

Don't look down - you will only see the bottom. Don't look back - you will only see your past. Don't look to the left or the right - you will only see those people whose opinions you think matter. Look to HIM - The Only One Who should hold your affection. Ladies, HE WILL keep you. HE WILL sustain you. HE WILL cause you to succeed. Let today be the day of YOUR deliverance! So, be bold in HIM and obedient to HIM and in love with HIM and watch HIM watch over HIS Word in you to perform it! 


This is the year of new beginnings. Are you beginning again? Are you beginning for the first time? It is time to go onward and into His calling. You cannot wait for permission and you cannot wait for your circumstances to be perfect. HE calls us as imperfect people to let Him the Perfect One live through us. HE takes deeply flawed people and says let ME live My Life through you. I WILL empower You by the power of My blood covenant. So, whether you are a stay at home mom who is actually a Domestic Engineer or a work outside of the home mom or a single woman wondering if you will ever be a mom - GOD is the Man for you!! HE will be your Best Friend and closest Confidant. 


It is time precious women to choose to come up and out from the mantle of despair placed upon you by the enemy. Yes, we have an enemy and he comes to (John 10:10) steal, kill and destroy those Who belong to our God. So, be bold and be strong. Make a hard decision and gird yourself up to cast off those thoughts of darkness and depression. Shake off the hindrances and obstacles that daily paralyze you. CHOOSE this day to follow Him even if it feels like your feet are walking out of a cement block enclosure. Let not your feelings determine your actions any longer. Be free today. Free to worship. Free to live. Free to laugh. Free to be honest. Free to come out from hiding. Free to hurt. Free to feel. Free to love. Free to surrender. Free to be loved. Free. Free. Free. Free. Don't be afraid for the Lord thy God is with you and HE wants you free. So, let's join in with the Holy Spirit and agree with God for your freedom and let's watch God do what we cannot do for ourselves!

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