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March, 2007

Woman of God, you are called this day to move into Him as never before. You are called to be at His feet, in His arms and in His Presence. So, let go of your offenses. As a matter of fact, it is time to flat REFUSE to be offended! Let Psalm 91 be your theme and learn to abide in the secret place of the Most High where no foe can live because of His presence! You are a daughter of the Most High! So, lift up your chin, throw back your shoulders, dig in your heels and decide to make it because Jesus never fails!

January, 2007 - February, 2007

Rise up Women of Faith and take your place in the LORD, in the market place, in your home, in your relationships, in your families and in your cities. This is the day that the LORD has made - you must choose to rejoice and be glad in HIM. Time to step out. Time to step over to the other side. YES, you will face opposition yet isn't that what happens when we travel upstream instead of downstream? Rise up. Rise up. Rise up. Look shame in the face and say get behind me Satan. Look fear in the face and say get behind me Satan. Look the past in the face and say get behind me Satan. Look yourself in the face and say it's time to move forward in Jesus name. Look out - look up - look onward. It's time to take dominion in the new day in Jesus name.

September, 2006 - December, 2006

My precious friends. Be encouraged and be sober minded for it is a new day and it is a GOOD day and it is TIME to seek the LORD while He may be found. Do not hesitate and do not think that you have all the time in the world to spend time with God because you just do not know what tomorrow holds. A dear friend moved to heaven recently and my heart grieves. Did I spend the time with her that I could while she was here with us? Was I a source of encouragement for my sister-friend? Let's walk with one another as if tomorrow may never come. Let's love as if it is our last day of loving. Let's spend time with the Father because our very lives depend on it and the lives of those around us depends on it as well. Be not afraid. Be not dismayed. HE is faithful and His Holy Spirit will not abandon you. HE IS the Father you never had and HE IS the Friend you never knew and HE IS the Lover Who loves you unconditionally. HE IS the GREAT I AM and His motives are pure and holy and intentional. Blessings dear friends and remember that God's plans for you are for good and not evil....they are for success and not for failure...they are plans of hope and peace and a welfare HE has purposed with His good pleasure in mind. 

The God of peace WILL SOON crush Satan underneath your feet....

Donna Reiners

May, 2006 -  August, 2006

Dear ones. Let the power of the Holy Spirit and the intimacy of our God draw you into His private chambers. Don't be afraid to be alone with God. HE is faithful. Be not dismayed and do not fear for your God is with You. HE will never leave you nor forsake you. Instead, He grabs hold of you and NEVER lets go because He is a faithful Daddy God. INTIMACY - INTO-ME-SEE: I believe we should invite the LORD to see into us and to sift through our hearts what is of Him and what is not of Him. INTO-ME-SEE: I believe also that God Himself says SEE INTO ME My sons and daughters  - I love you and desire for you to look into My heart and see My character and to witness My power and to watch Me move in your lives. I AM the Great Faithful One - I love you............................God.

February - April, 2006

Dear Ladies of the Most High God! Do you know it is time to talk with Your Best Friend? Your Closest Companion? It is time to press into That One Who has called You to be His. Do not tarry my female friends but run to the altar and meet with our Jesus. He is your joy. He is your comfort. Though your friends may desert you - HE will never forsake you or let His grip on you go for HE is the faithful One. Lean NOT into Your own understanding but LEAN into HIS Word of Truth and Life and Love. Let Him love you. Let Him comfort you. Let Him strengthen you. Let Him convict you of sin. Let Him call you into a change of mind. Be ready to listen because as you begin to talk back to God, you will soon discover it is solely because HE has already been talking to you. 

January, 2006

It is a new day my friend and time to be strengthened in the Lord and under His mighty right arm. Expect His faithfulness to astound you as you move onward in Him. In Him. Do you realize you are IN HIM? If you have given your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ, then you are in HIM - the Creator of the Universe, the Lord of all Lords, the King of Kings. You are IN GREATNESS! So, seek Him - seek This One Who abides in you as you abide in Him. Live my lady friends. It is time to live. Let your thoughts be filled with Him and His character and His power and His loving-kindness. Lean into Him. Yield to Him, your First Husband. Have great confidence in this One Lover of your Soul. This is the season to shake off all that can be shaken and to uproot all that can be uprooted and to pluck up all that can be plucked up. Let all that is NOT of Him, come out of you and choose to become shaped and molded into His marvelous love and life. Time to let GOD arise and all your enemies of your soul be scattered. I love you!

(Nothing for November - December 2005)

October,  2005

This is the time and this is the hour to position yourself before the hand of the Almighty God - the Lover of our souls - the King of all Kings and the Joy of our Strength. Let us hear Him by the power of His Spirit and through the Glory of His Name. His faithfulness will lead us through this season. He will cause us to endure - He will cause us to rejoice - He will mature us and then allow us to be used of Him to do what He is doing. Will we let Him do His work? Will you sit with Him for a while and let Him spend time with You? Let His great and powerful love invade every part of your being and then watch as He makes you fit for use by the Master. GOD loves you and GOD loves me! God is not mad at you. HE is not mad at me. He delights in us, His ladies. We are His Bride - His women - those that love Him above all else and give ourselves to That One Who died for us. He loves us when we fail. He loves us when we are "doing everything right". He just FLAT LOVES US according to His Covenant and His mercies. His loving-kindness endures forever! His love will sustain and empower and renew and rejuvenate you. His presence will convict you and cause you to need Him above all else. His presence will cause those around you to need Him above all else. His presence will cause the world to taste and see that HE is the One and Only Lord God Almighty. Every knee will bow and every tongue WILL confess that Jesus is the LORD.

September,  2005

It is time ladies, to shake it off and get organized. YES, God HAS called you - make no mistake about it AND He has called you to be who you are and not who someone else has told you to be. Just be you. Don't be anyone else. Be you. If you do not know who you is - then maybe it is time to find out. Don't be afraid to speak. Don't be afraid to think. Don't be afraid to attempt the unknown. God meets us in the unknown. He meets us when we leave our own setting - our own comfort and enter into the God zone. Our relationships with the Lord are about His faithfulness, not ours. So, take your eyes off your own inadequacies - yes, they FEEL REAL - but take your eyes off them anyway and get your eyes BACK on what you began to do in the first place. You have been distracted by circumstances, by the enemy and yes, even distracted by yourself. Shake it off and get your eyes back on the prize and see if God does not prove His faithfulness once again that HE is the Lord God Almighty - that there is none like Him and HE has a real call on you to follow and serve Him. Make some new decisions and bring yourself about face and then just take one step at a time. You will find yourself back on track in no time! So, don't WASTE TIME figuring it all out - just get back in the swing of things and watch HIM at work in you. .

August,  2005

God's faithfulness is astounding and humbling. Though you may not be feeling all that "strong" these days, know that God's strength is amazing and powerful and never-ending and NOT based on your feelings. I've been looking at the life of David recently and reminded of all the FEAR he battled those years when running from Saul. If you look closely, it is evident he did not just shake off  this "fear". In a way, it is as if it became part of his DNA or something - look at the bloody events he witnessed AND participated in. He had to work through quite a bit on an emotional level. Hey, David was a real man doing real things for a real God Who had a real call on his life. What is true to the bone is that David's fear of GOD was more powerful than his fear of any man. I LOVE his example of being a real man with real feelings who expressed real emotions from the bitter to the sweet. He was transparent and honest yet STILL he walked by faith. It should encourage you to know that God wants normal people with normal emotions living normal lives to do His extraordinary work in defeating the enemy AND bringing the lost into a saving knowledge of His Son. So, fear is only a lack of faith when it causes you to sit down and do absolutely nothing. 

Instead, let fear become an awesome tool in the hands of the Lord to cause you, His own, to walk out real circumstances that are above your heads and above your hearts. Keep your eyes on Him and your heart free of bitterness, jealousy, anger, gossip, envy and the like (1 Peter 2:1). 

God is faithful. Don't give up. Don't turn back. Don't give in. Keep pressing into Him.

July 2005

If you have been following the Lord Jesus Christ  - if you have been in His Word - if you are not just a pew sitter but a Christ follower, then YOU have been in a season of change and God Himself is the Author. So, let's just REST and wait and see what God will do for you and me!

Perhaps you have felt as if there is something wrong with you? As if you are going through some strange and fiery identity crisis...Who am I anyway? Maybe you have not "felt" like doing those things you have always done. You know - those meetings you used to be excited about and could not wait to get to - now - you would just as soon as skip the whole thing. You used to enjoy praying all night for others but now you want to stay at home and put your feet up.  Whereas a few months ago you had folks you met with on a consistent basis - friends - now you skip out of church just so you don't have to stop and talk to anyone. WHAT IS GOING ON???

Don't panic - there is NOTHING WRONG! You just happen to be in the middle of CHANGE. TRANSITION. It might even feel akin to shifting sand. It's uncomfortable and unusual and guess what? Others are in transition as well and let me just encourage you and say that you are NOT ALONE. 

God HIMSELF has been pulling you out of this meeting and stopping you from going to "that meeting". It is GOD Who has been hot on your trail - lifting you up and out of your normal day-to-day. HE has been doing it for just one reason - to have you to Himself. That's right! GOD WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU and He is going way out of His way to ensure that HE GETS HIS WAY.

God is drawing you to Himself because He has a plan that goes beyond your own understanding. In order for you to hold the anointing He has planned for you, He must first spend time pouring into you. Years ago, someone told us that what God had done IN US, He would do THROUGH US. Even in the doing "through us", HE wants the right attitude. He wants humility and a weakness so that He Himself can be strong. He wants our hearts to be pure and cognizant that it is NOT by our might or power but by HIS SPIRIT alone. 

So, don't be discouraged if all of a sudden you feel kind of lonely and activity-less. HE wants you active - but only in HIM. So, lean into Him, listen to Him, adhere to Him...wait on Him and HE will draw near to You. You are positioning yourself to HEAR from Him - HE wants to drop into you a fresh Word and "download" HIS WILL. 

We love you! Donna & Craig

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