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Donna Reiners' Ministries

Don't look down - you will only see the bottom. Don't look back - you will only see your past. Don't look to the left or the right - you will only see those people whose opinions you think matter. Look to HIM - The Only One Who should hold your affection and your attention. Ladies, HE can and WILL keep you. HE can and WILL sustain you. HE can and WILL cause you to find HIM. HE is faithful and HE is good. So, hold on and don't let go and wait on HIM because HE is worth waiting for. LET TODAY BE THE DAY  you are delivered from those things that keep you too busy for HIM! Be bold and decide to pursue Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. God has a part HE is responsible for with regards to HIS relationship with you and you have a part you are responsible for doing in your relationship with HIM. So, die to your flesh and be obedient to HIM and in love with HIM and watch HIM watch over HIS Word in you to perform His will in Jesus name. 

Donna has worked in youth, worship and intercession ministries with a special interest in evangelism, discipleship and prayer.  Her home church of fifteen years is The Encourager Church in Houston Texas. Both Donna and Craig desire for husbands and wives to have stronger marriages by grabbing hold of God's great love and enduring power.  They also love mission work and have gone overseas to demonstrate God's healing power to the hurting in India and Indonesia.  They have a special interest in seeing the Body of Christ learn how to pray, so they write and record books, pamphlets and CDs, teaching how. Woman, Come Out of the Cave is a women's Bible study that includes Donna's personal testimony of how God freed her of pain, abandonment, abuse and betrayal. Donna also offers a weekend retreat called Woman, Come out of the Cave and into the Light. In this powerful weekend, women explore Biblical caves and spiritual caves and how to come out of the dark strongholds and into His marvelous light of freedom. Becoming One, a book used in premarital counseling as well as encouragement for women who want to grow in their intimacy with their husbands, explains how our earthly relationships with our spouses parallels our relationships with Jesus. Talking BACK to God is a hands-on practical study of the life of Jesus and how He spent time with the Father and what His example means for us. Join Donna for a Talking BACK to God weekend retreat or a weekly Bible study at a local church if you desire to come up higher in your relationship with the LORD. She was the technical writer of a public school curriculum called HERO, written by Pastor Richard Hinojosa of Resurrection Life Church in Picayune, Mississippi. HERO was successfully implemented in a public charter school in Houston Texas and has been taught in public schools in Mississippi. Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares America endorses HERO.

What We Believe

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He was born of the virgin Mary. Jesus was born to live a life just like us and His purpose was to re-establish man's relationship to God. Jesus listened and obeyed God every day of His life with His final moment of obedience the most crucial and difficult. Jesus became the Living Sacrifice that took away our sins as well as the sins of the world. His Resurrection on the third day is why we can truly believe He is Who He says He is and that He did what He says He did and it is why we can enter into a holy relationship with the Father.  

Donna and Craig's practical style of teaching and illustrating Biblical Truth will bless you. If you desire for either one of them to come and minister to your church or special group, please contact donna@donnareiners.org.

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