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Woman, Come Out of the Cave! (book)

Woman, Come Out of the Cave is Donna's personal testimony of confronting the pain of her past and being healed by the power of God's great love and compassion. The book includes stories of her family and how they grew up with emotional and physical abuse. God is faithful and He never leaves us where we are but takes us through, so that we can be a living testimony for the world to taste and see and know His goodness and His kindness and His love! You can also listen to this book on Audio by ordering the Book on CD.

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Becoming One (book)

Becoming One is for Christian women who are planning to get married or for women who are already married but want greater intimacy with their spouse. Jesus desires for you to be with Him and He dares women to invite Him into their inner most thoughts as well as their most intimate times in the bedroom. Let Him make intimacy with your husband the place of communion with Him it should be. You can also listen to many of the teachings in Becoming One in Audio by ordering the CD set.

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Talking BACK to God (Bible Study 3 Ring Manual)


Talking BACK to God is a biblical Bible Study on prayer. The bottom line is learning HOW to talk back to God so that HE hears you and responds to you. God DESIRES for us to be in communication - intimate dialogue with Him. 

This Biblical study of how to talk to God, what to talk to God about and when to talk to Him will empower you, convict you and challenge you to go to the next level in your relationship with the Holy Spirit. You will take a walk with Jesus and discover how what He did is not impossible for you! 

If you have questions regarding placing or tracking an order, you may contact us at order@donnareiners.org.

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