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BRAVE New You - Small Group

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What makes this kind of devotion - this kind of study so different? It is unique because it is all about YOU.

Every week, you have 5 good deeds to acomplish for yourself. It is all about building you up. It is all about encouraing you. It is NOT self-help. You wll be guided by the Holy Spirit to be kind to the closest person you know - you.

We will meet once a week via conference line and possibly Google hang outs for a teaching and to discuss the week. I want you to train yourself to be kind to you.We will do this together.

Though you may be tempted to do all 5 good deeds in one day, spread them out tso that you can incorporate them into your daily life. This is a way to be good to yourself. Why is this important?

Listen, kindness is usually learned over time - not imparted. Perhaps you area a doer of good deeds for others. Ver good. But, are you good to you? Do you take time for you? There is ZERO crime in taking time to be kind to yourself.

As you consistently tackle making room to be good to you, I believe you will be able to see - up close and personal - how very much God loves you.

Your greatest Partner lives inside YOU! Come with us on a 7 week small group journey! We will meet once a week in a conference format (if you are available) and we will accomplish deeds for ourselves each week that demonstrate God's love for US!! We also are attempting Google hangouts for those who are able to and it is fun!

Message me to become part of our BRAVE NEW YOU private facebook page where we discuss our journey into bravery. You will also find frequent encouraging videos to help you be good to your best friend...you!

For other encouragement - I do have a blog - www.bravetobraver.com where I send out 4 short messages a week to strengthen you.

Love, Donna Reiners

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