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This Week's Prayer for the Bride of Christ

Jesus, here we are in need and desire of You. Help us God to discern the times and to obey Your voice from within us. Show us how to brace up and reinvigorate ourselves. Let us strengthen our weak hands and feeble knees and let us make straight paths for our feet, so that the lame limbs will be healed. We say we will not refuse You when You speak to us and we will follow You into the calling You have placed in us and on us. We pick up the mantle You have prepared for us and we say Yes Lord to what seems impossible. We acknowledge You and say we are not our own - we were bought with a price in Jesus name.

Father, we come in Jesus name and we say we want You and desire You deep from within our inner beings. Some of us are hurting to the core and need Your presence to rescue us from depression the enemy has brought. Others of us are drowning in a pool of pity and have no idea how we got here. Still others are simply wanting more of You because we are thirsty and we are hungry. So, God, rise up in us and encourage us by the power of Your Word and the strength of Your Resurrection power. We don't want a quick fix - we want a long lasting steadfast immovable touch from our God. Awaken us Lord. Cause us to rise up from our prostrate positions and see You in the midst of the darkness. Be our Best Friend. Be our Closest Companion. Be our Intimate Lover. Be our First Husband. We say Yes to You Lord in Jesus name. We invite You Holy Spirit to invade our lives. Invade our personal space and make Yourself known to us in Jesus name. Do a work in us so deep that others can see with their own two eyes that we are completely owned by You and devoted to You. Fill us with Your Wisdom and let us see Your Worth in Jesus name. We refuse to shrink back from the Truth that convicts us and we say we're coming after You no matter what it takes. Do a work IN US so that You can work through us. Reach Your hand to us so that we will reach out hand out to others. Permeate our spirits so that our souls have no choice but to follow hard after You. In the name of Jesus we say let Your kingdom come and let Your will be done in us and through us as You have already decided in heaven. Let Your will come to pass through the self-fulfilling power of Your Word because of Who You Are.

Previous Week's Words

We come in Jesus name and we say with one voice - YES LORD. We say Your mercies are new every morning and we look to You, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. We thank You Father for being our Best Friend, Closest Companion, our FIRST HUSBAND and LORD. We say we trust You and You alone and we agree to seek Your face no matter what comes our way. You are good and Your mercies endure FOREVER. We come after You when it is convenient and inconvenient.  We are Yours and we define ourselves by Your Word and we thank You for calling us Your prized possessions and special treasures. We LOVE belonging to YOU! So, we say without a doubt - Yes, to You being our HUSBAND! We say yes to Your Ways. Yes, to Your Will. Yes, to Your Work. Yes, to Your Word. YES. Yes. YES! We invite You Holy Spirit to fill us up so much that our souls are completely owned by Your Spirit and lead by Your Wisdom. We recognize the new day and ask You Father to come to us with a much needed boldness to declare this to be the day of PRAISE in Jesus name. We will not shrink back but we will move into YOU in greater power, greater intimacy and greater passion than ever before. We are Your Bride and we desire to be in Your bridal chamber, in LOVE WITH YOU.

It's a new day and Your mercies are new every morning. Thank You for calling us by Your Name and for desiring an intimate personal relationship with You. You are so faithful and we are so in love with You. Holy Spirit, come and make Your way known to us this day that we will be in Your will, Your Word and going about Your business. We trust You and give ourselves to You for such a time as this.

God, be our Helper. Sometimes the storms seem so great that all we can do is say Help. So, Lord, help. Do not let us become fainthearted or weary in well doing but instead, let us learn to strengthen our tottering knees and brace up our ankles and continue walking out the calling on our lives. We are Your women and we cry out for You to be our First Husband, our Best Friend and our Closest Companion until You call us home to be with You.

Holy Spirit, we welcome You into our midst to govern our hearts and souls. We need for You to personally demonstrate that You are our LORD. Govern us Father. Love us Jesus. Lead us Holy Spirit. We lean into You. We trust in You. We have great confidence in You. Use us to make Your captives free. Use us Lord to let the world taste and see that You are the Lord God Almighty and that there is none like you. Let Your kingdom come in each of us - establish YOUR will in us and let Your will be done in each of us as You have already determined in heaven. We call out for You God to rule and reign and bring forth the self fulfilling power of Your Word through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Let it be.

Father, we come in Your Precious Son's Name and say thank You for Your Holy Spirit. Come through Your Spirit and speak to me - speak to us. We need You. We need clarity. We need direction. We desire to do Your will. We desire to be about the Father's business by the yoke of Your Holy Spirit. Empower us to hear from You that we hear what You say - that we speak what we hear You speaking - that we understand what Your emotions convey to us. Let us be about our Father's business in Jesus name!

Strengthen me this week to hear from You, to know Your calling and to be unafraid to move into Your arms in order to do Your will. Establish us this day to know this hope to which You have called us and show us this day how to go about Your kingdom business. We trust You and give ourselves over to You because You are our faithful and loving First Husband.

Lord, come in the power of Your Spirit and reveal Yourself to us. We confess we are in great need of You. We're stepping onward with You Lord. Shield us from the attacks from the enemy has we pursue Your call and follow Your voice to our next destination. We trust You Father. We invite You Holy Spirit. WE thank You Jesus that You are real and that You truly desire to spend time with us. Let us, Your women, Your bride, rise up to meet with You in the midnight hour as well as in the early morning. We bless You my Lord for You are our faithful First Husband.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where you have not been obedient to Him. Perhaps He spoke something to your heart 5 years ago and you either chose to ignore Him or you didn't really understand the instruction was from the Lord. Regardless, why would the Lord speak a "new word" to you if you have not obeyed the "last word" from Him? Let's get a clean chart with God so we can move onward into what He has called us! Don't be afraid - the Holy Spirit has plans that are for good, not evil - success oriented -not failure and His plans always have an expected end. HE is all about the Kingdom and seeing His people come into an obedient and right relationship with Him so that we can experience His presence. Are YOU all about the kingdom too?

Today, let's pray together - Lord, we come in the name of Jesus and we acknowledge Your Holy Spirit. We invite You to make Yourself at home in us. We welcome You to convict us and to change us day by day into Your very image. We need You Jesus. Invade our thoughts. Invade our desires. Invade our places of business. Invade our children and our children's children. Invade our very DNA and call us into Your destiny. We no longer expect You to follow us - instead, we commit to following You. Show us the difference and we will say Yes Lord. Yes to Your ways. Yes, to Your will. Yes, to your Word. Yes, to Your work. Yes, to your Wisdom. We say YES LORD - in Jesus name and because of the precious blood He spilled. We are forever, Your women - Your bride.

It is time to look around and determine what is important to the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit what is on His mind these days. Ask Him what HE considers priority and watch and see how He directs Your steps. 

It's time to step out and into Who He is, what He has done and what He has called you to do. Don't be afraid and don't be dismayed. Just ask the Lord to keep your heart pure by convicting you of every bad attitude and ask Him to draw you to your knees daily in worship to Him. He will lead you one step at a time, one day at a time. He loves you ladies; He has not given up on you so you DON'T GIVE UP EITHER! Our God is always up to something behind the scenes - be encouraged - HE is ALWAYS at work for His kingdom and your best interests.


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