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Love is the New Green®!
Donna Reiners
Information & Resources
Donna has a team that works with her who has a heart to reach into our community. Her leadership team consists of women from various backgrounds, various denominations, different churches.  These women all have a desire to reach their neighbors, family and city. Talking Back to God loves to network in unity with others in ministries, churches, businesses and neighborhoods.

LOVE is the New Green®! We have decided to love our way to every heart of any woman who wants to join with us to be part of something bigger than us! We are multi-denominational, multi-racial and multi-generational. We all need each other. We have a small group study and small group outreach program for churches, organizations, individuals to use in their communities.

Donna has worked in youth, worship and intercession ministries and has a special bent toward evangelism, discipleship and prayer. Donna and her team enjoy connecting women because we all need one another’s strengths and weaknesses.  Who knows that you are strong today but tomorrow you might need a hand to help you stand? We must learn how to love one another while we also embrace growing up and maturing. We are a family. Donna has a special interest and especially enjoys encouraging women to pray. She has a few books and CDS teaching how.  She is not fancy or perfect and knows eloquence does not get God’s attention. 

Donna has a few resources: I AM BRAVE - Bold, Respectful, Activated, Victorious and Encouraging for myself - a 31 day Devotional study to help women position themselves to hear from God on a daily basis in a non churchy way, Woman, Come Out of the Cave is a women's Bible study that includes Donna's personal testimony of how God freed her of pain, abandonment, abuse and betrayal. Becoming One can be used in premarital counseling or encourage believing women to grow in their intimacy with their husbands. It talks about how our earthly relationships with our spouses parallel our relationships with Jesus. Talking BACK to God is a hands-on practical study of the life of Jesus and how He spent time with the Father and what His example means for us.  She was the technical writer of a public school curriculum called HERO, written by Pastor Richard Hinojosa, Senior Pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd Brownsville, TX. HERO was successfully implemented in a public charter school in Houston Texas and has been taught in public schools in Mississippi. Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares America endorses HERO. 

Donna and her husband Craig are both ordained ministers through Kingdom Connections International and their home church is The Encourager Church in Houston Texas. Donna has been a member at Encourager for over 21 years.Bios/Entries/2012/2/17_Donna_Reiners.htmlFriends.htmlBios/Entries/2012/2/27_Craig_Reiners.htmlhttp://www.kingdom-connections.comshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3
Mission - Why we do what we do
Our mission is to be known by God through the pursuit of knowing Him more closely than any human being: by learning how to receive His love, love one another, and embrace all He is and has to give us, His children. 

Vision - What we do
Our vision is to encourage and equip women (and sometimes men), from cross-denominational backgrounds through prayer, relationship building, and study of the Bible. We maintain relationship through one on one meetings and through gathering every other month or so in a smaller venue with others who hunger for more than a sermon. Our leaders have purposed to demonstrate value for others as we build family through relationships, eating together, praying for one another, calling each other and being equipped in His Truth. It's been an honor to be loved and to love. Becoming community takes effort, perseverance, forgiveness, time and effort and grace.  More than anything though, we are His body inviting others into a safe place to experience family.Brave To Braver #LITNG #bravetobraver #loveisthenewgreen

Strategy - How we do it
Through life changing retreats, intimate or large meetings and conferences, community gatherings and social events, we attempt to provide moments with others where we can have relationships with one another and God while we learn something new, meet a new friend and find a fresh perspective from HIM. 

For three years, we had monthly gatherings called Talk Time that encouraged women to get together and hear the strength and struggles of leaders in our community. At these Talk Times, we brought a dish and celebrated one another in someone’s home so that we had an intimate setting and time to actually meet someone and have conversation. We invited women to speak whom we considered to be leaders and whom we respected and believed to have integrity and authenticity to share their lives with us. 

In 2014, we branched out to have quarterly meetings on a larger scale. We meet with couples from various denominations and churches at a different restaurant each month - just to get to know others. Another venue is through our retreats where we slip away in groups to get real with Him and one another.We always provide opportunity to pray for one another. 

We are not perfect and we are all busy with life, family/work dynamics, various church activities, etc. Someone once asked, 'How's that thing you do every month?' Clearly they have not caught our vision nor do they understand our grass roots strategy & movement to become family. It could be you also have not understood who we are or what we are doing. We are not a church. We are not a Sozo center. We are not an exclusive club. We are not a service or prayer meeting. Sometimes our signs and wonders are hugs, tears of a healing heart, a new friend for life or a spiritual daughter, son, mom or dad. Sometimes we have others who become born again through simply being loved by our being Good News. We are not fancy all the time. We do believe in excellence.

What We Believe
We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He was born of the virgin Mary. When Jesus was born He lived a life just like us facing temptations yet choosing not to sin. The purpose of God through Jesus was to re-establish man's relationship to God and was fulfilled as Jesus listened and obeyed God every day of His life with His final moment of obedience the most crucial and difficult. Jesus became the Living Sacrifice that took away our sins as well as the sins of the world. HE resurrected on the third day and is now seated at the right hand of the Father and this is why we can truly believe He is Who He says He is and that He did what He says He did. Most importantly, Jesus is why we can enter into a holy relationship with the Father. When we enter into relationship with the Father through Jesus, HE sends the Holy Spirit to live inside of us to seal our eternity with Him. The Holy Spirit then continues to make Himself known to us throughout our lifetime in our journey with God. God gives us gifts so that we can grow and so we can equip and encourage others to grow and mature. The Holy Spirit leads us into Truth throughout our lifetime in our journey with God. The Holy Spirit is a key to our intimacy with the Father and the Holy Spirit inside of us is the reason we can say we are truly never alone. Why are we talking back to God - because HE is already talking to us.